Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weather Geeks Unite!

What the hell!

We had an earthquake today.  We had mountains of snow this winter.  Blasting heat, frigid cold.  An EF-3 tornado just north of us.  And now Irene, which hopefully, will be a bunch of media hype and will tra-la-la out to sea.  The way the weather has been this year? We're probably going to get a direct hit.

The weather geek in me is excited...the homeowner?  Not so much.

My trees that give me shade in the summer and color (and bags and bags and bags of leaves) in the fall, suddenly look menacing.  I see my wires down and my car squished.  I'm a planner...I'd rather be over prepared and look silly, then to be unprepared and panic.  Sue me, I'm a worrywart like my mom.  It's genetic.  It's in my DNA.

I follow every conceivable weather thing on Twitter.  I don't follow hacks.  I follow the Weather Channel, Jim Cantore (♥), NWS Taunton, MA, Skywarn and Geoff Fox.  I respect the hell out of these guys.  They don't hype.  There are no wild "!!!" like some local meteorologists around here.  They call it as they see it.  If they're concerned, you know damn well I'll be watching closely.

I was eighteen when Hurricane Gloria hit in 1985.  I thought it was the coolest thing.  We had no power, the damage and trees down were awesome!  We took pictures, we were in awe of Mother Nature's wrath.  Now I own a house and a car.  I'm a mom.  My geekiness has to be tempered so I don't scare my daughter.  My son just gave her his "Idiots Guide to the Weather" by Dr. Mel Goldstein (So sorry that he retired today.  I've met him...really nice guy!) and told her to read it.  My theory has always been "You won't be so afraid if you understand it."  But, I have to allievate her fears and answer her questions.  And I need to protect them as well.

And if Jim Cantore shows up in Connecticut?  I'm outta here (once I get his autograph!)!

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