Sunday, July 17, 2011

And they call it puppy love ♥

So we're getting a puppy. 

Not a PUPPY, like the big breeds we're used to (we've had a shepard mix, a husky and now a black lab.  All have weighed between seventy and seventy-five pounds!), but a puppy! An itty bitty one!

Wait...a what?


Meet Delilah Rose!  She is an eight week old chihuahua mix. She weighs about three pounds.  She came up from Georgia to the Animal Haven three weeks ago with her four siblings.  Totally neglected...full of fleas, scabbed over flea bites and tapeworms, they were a mess.  We were there the day they arrived.  The first thing I noticed was one ear was up and one ear was floppy.  I thought she was adorable!  Even as sick as she was, she still came to the door of the carrier, wagging her tail.  She licked my finger and I was in love!

Of course, I had to tell hubby about the new puppies.  Since Rocky died last year, we've wanted a second dog.  Melky is very much a pack dog.  He likes companionship.  He is always near us.  Until now, nothing has panned out.  Either they don't like kids, they don't like cats, they don't like other dogs...we couldn't find one. 

So this past Wednesday, Angel and I tagged teamed him. "Please come with us? Please?"  I truly had no ulterior motive.  Well, I sorta did.  I had my eye on a kitten!  I had put the thought of getting a small dog out of my head.  He relented and came with us.  My daughter was so happy to show him the cats.

I showed him the puppies last.  They were all wiggly and bouncy.  Puppies!  We were talking to Michelle, one of the caretakers and she offered to bring Delilah out.  She brought her out and placed her in my husband's arms.  And the rest, as they say, is history!

Today, I brought Melky to the shelter to meet her.  This is pretty much what happened...

She needs to be spayed...then, she is ours!  I can't wait to bring her home for good!

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