Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Justice for Caylee

After the weekend I had, hanging out with friends and family and now with this Casey Anthony debacle top news, I really feel compelled to write tonight.

I'm angry.  Truly fucking angry at the justice system.  How in God's name could they not get her on the neglect charge?  Her two year old was missing for thirty-one days before she told anyone!  One fucking month!!  How do you allow a month to go by not knowing or caring where your baby is?

I can understand why they couldn't get her on the first degree murder charge.  There was no DNA evidence to prove it was her beyond a reasonable doubt.  But she knows...that party animal slut knows who is responsible for Caylee's murder.  It disgusts me that she walks away a free woman.  I hope she lives to be a hundred.  I hope she misses her when kindergarten starts, when she was supposed to graduate, when she would have been married...when she would have given her her first grandchild.  I hope she suffers miserably and that she is never allowed to have another child.  And when she does pass?  I hope she sees her beautiful angel at Heaven's gate, and is promptly grabbed and taken to Hell by Satan himself.  Even if it wasn't her who duct taped that baby's mouth shut...she has to live with knowing the truth that her daughter is gone forever.

As a citizen, I am pissed.  As a mother, I am heartbroken. 

♥ Rest in peace Caylee Marie.  You are in the arms of the angels now. ♥

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  1. What I don't get about all of these mothers (and fathers) who have murdered their babies. If you don't them, give them to someone who does. I don't want to have kids, but if it happens that I do have one, I'm not going to be all crazy and kill my kid. That's not right. My kid didn't ASK to be born. And they sure as shit aren't going to ask to be treated wrong. And if I don't think, for even a split second, that I can take care of them or by some insane thought that I would hurt them, I'm giving them to someone who will love them and protect them.

    RIP you sweet little girl.