Thursday, June 23, 2011

Angels Among Us

An early morning blog post.  Funny how this is my new witching hour.  I have my official up early/ up all night tweeps that I check in with (you all know who you are)...and the animals.  I like it. 

Yesterday was one of those days - hell, who am I kidding - this week has been one of those weeks where I have been over thinking everything around me.

I got to thinking about angels last night.  I firmly believe we have one or more guardian angels that watch over us at all times.  The ones who keep you out of  harm's way, the one's that keep you from doing the wrong things.  I know I have at least mom, who I lost to cancer back in 2001, and my daughter Francesca who died in utero at 12 weeks in 2006.  How am I so certain of this?  Let me tell you a couple of quick stories about them.

The night after Mom died, I was sitting on my couch sobbing.  It doesn't matter that she was sick for six years or the fact Hospice was spot on to when she was going to beloved mom was gone.  My mind couldn't grasp I would never see or talk to her again.  So, I prayed out loud to her.  Told her she was a strong spirit...send me a sign.  Blow out a light bulb when you make it to Heaven.

Guys, I kid you not...from the time I said that prayer Saturday night, until we buried her Tuesday morning, she blew out five light bulbs in my house!  After the fifth one, I told her I got her point and now it was getting expensive! And I could swear I could hear her laughing!

I lost my baby girl Francesca in 2006.  She died of unexplained causes...a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks gestation.  This October she'd have been five.  I still miss her to this day.  One morning on Facebook, the status update of the day was one about miscarriage survivors and remembering those babies that had become angels too soon.  So I made it my status, saying how I love and missed her.  That afternoon above my daughter's school I saw this cloud...

It's almost a perfect duplicate of her last ultrasound picture...with a halo (look closely above the head).  I know now she knew I was missing her that day and sent this to reassure me she was doing good.

But angels aren't always in the spiritual sense.  They come in all shapes and sizes...all you have to do is open your eyes and look around.

The starter on my car crapped out a couple of weeks ago as I was picking my daughter up from school.  I only need a pop start to get it home.  When I went into the school, it was empty.  Until one of her classmates walked around the corner with his dad - all 6'5" of him!  He gladly gave me a push, got it started and saved me $100 in towing charges.

An angel?  You know it.

Your friends who have been with you through everything?  The one's that support without judging you?  The one's that you could never live without?  Are they angels?


How about cyber-angels?  They read your diary, comment on your statuses, say good morning on Twitter.  They cheer you on, cry with you, chat with you for hours upon hours about everything and nothing at all. 

Angels...every last one.

They are everywhere.  The girl who smiles at you at Dunkin' Donuts everyday when you order your coffee.  The co-worker who never fails to hug you every single time they see you.  The people who genuinely want to know the truth when they ask "How are you doing today?"

I could go on and on...but you get my point.  Angels are everywhere...and we are all capable being one ourselves.  It doesn't take much.  Even a simple smile can change someones rotten day.  Give it a shot...polish up your halo and see what happens! :o)


  1. Beautiful thought. I did a story many years ago about the miracles people don't recognize are miracles: the landlord who waives the security deposit for a single mom, the person who beats an addiction on the 11th attempt, etc.

  2. <3 The Alabama song "Angels Among Us" ran through my head as I was reading this. You know I'm a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason." Love you bunches!