Friday, June 24, 2011

Hair today...gone tomorrow

OK...I'll 'fess up, when it comes to style sense, I have none.  Nada, zilch, zero...nil.  My drawers are filled with various t-shirts.  I like them, they're comfy.  Even though I've lost about forty pounds in the last four years, I still have "my girls"  They get in the way of any kind of  "girly" clothes.  V-necks are my friend.  Hell, I wear my hair almost the same way as I did in high school.  Curly...low maintenance.  Mousse, scrunch, blow dry, go. 

Until yesterday.

I am as low maintenance a female you'll find.  I cut my hair every six months or so.  I have A LOT of hair.  Enough that if you shaved my head, you could make wigs for at least six people in a third world country.  I like to call it my "boofy" hair.

Well, my "boofy" hair had gotten to the point where the boys at work teased me constantly.  Not malicious mind you (they're more like 3rd graders), but ribbing.

"You channeling 70's Paul Stanley?"
"No, actually 90's Slash to be honest."

"I saw your hair driving down the street yesterday."

"Ya know, they're running a special on weed whackers in garden this week."

I love you guys, but bite me.  Seriously.  I love my mop.

So I go see my absolutely wonderful hairdresser Amy yesterday.  I told her exactly what I want...which is, sadly, the usual.  Then I had a "fuck it" moment. 

"Straighten my hair."

She was shocked, because the last time we had done it, I had looked down right frumpy.  Like a matronly soccer mom.  My hair is much longer now...screw it.  Just do it.

She would only do it if I posted the results on Facebook...for everyone's opinion. about leaving yourself vulnerable.

So...I continued with the "fuck it" attitude and said do it.

The "normal" me is the pic above.  This is me with straight hair.  Kinda boggled my mind honestly.

I was like "Wow, who's that?"

My daughter hated it initially.  Hated it.  Then she kinda liked it.  By bedtime, she was petting my hair going "I love your hair Mommy, it's just like mine now!"

My husband liked it.  He looked at me a lot.  Not sure if it was a "Wow, that sexy thing is my wife!" or "Where's the girl I married?"  He's not big on changes.  Like the Billy Joel song, he loves me just the way I am.

The consensus on Facebook?  Three dozen positive comments and nine likes. *Blushes*  Me "hawt"?  Naaaah.  It's just me...with no curls.

I'm back to my curly 'do tonight.  There is waaaaay to much humidity around to fret about my hair.  This'll be a day off thing.  I unload a truck for a living.  I sweat.  I'll be one of the guys at work, but all woman when I'm not there.  It's a happy compromise.

And yes...I went out and bought a straightener.  There may be hope for me yet!!

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