Monday, June 27, 2011

Hair brained

This hair of mine is going to make me bat shit crazy!

I just spent some quality time in the haircare aisle in Target.  I might as well have been in Moscow!  What is all this stuff? 

My hair regime has always been wash, mousse, scrunch, blow dry.  And occasionally hairspray on those shitastic muggy days.  Thazzit.

Now...I need a big HUGE roller brush ($10), heat protectant serum/anti-frizz stuff ($7) and of course Nice n Easy color to be determined ($8).  At the moment, I look like a reverse skunk.  Not attractive.

My husband is going to KILL me!  I've never in the sixteen years we've been together had any interest in my hair.  Get it cut every few months or so, and a can of mousse every couple of months.  When it gets too boofy, throw it in a baseball cap.  A totally low maintenance female.

But now ladies...advice.  What works for you?  What's needed?  What's a waste of my husband's  my money?  Talk to me chicks!  Help me speak the language of straight hair!

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