Monday, June 20, 2011

One more thing on friendship...

I know, I  know...I'm a wordy bitch.  Mind has been a jumble of thoughts all day.  Bear with me (as my cat tries to harf up a hairball behind me).

A fellow blogger, local newsguy and tweep friend Chris said this on Twitter the other day. 

"Always amazed to see how quickly children who are complete strangers can become friends. We could all learn something from them."

Think about it.  What do kids do when they meet?  "Hi! I'm so and so, do you like trucks/Webkinz/Barbies/puppies?  You do? Come on, let's play!"  Bingo...two 10 year olds are buddies.

Grown ups?  "Oh my God, look at the way she's dressed...she has a puss on her face...she looks like a bitch."  We don't make a connection with her because we judge based on looks.

I said to him in a reply how Twitter actually humanizes us.  I say good morning to both him and his co-anchor every morning that I work.  And if I introduced myself by my Twitter name, he would know me.  Pretty cool, huh?

Set a goal for one stranger a compliment.  A genuine one.  "Love your car!"  "That's a great shirt! Where did you get it?" Something nice.  You probably won't get a playdate...but I'm sure you'll brighten someone's day!!

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